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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WolframAlpha Gives Math Solutions Quickly

Type your math problem into the box above and get a solution quickly. If the problem is to  graph a linear equation, simply type "plot y=2x+7" or "graph y=(-1/3)x-4".You can also graph 2 or more linear equations by adding an "and" between the linear equations. Ex. "plot y=2x+7 and y=2x-3". This example will show two lines that are parallel because their slopes are the same. Try entering 2 points to graph a line, get the equation of that line and the slope. Other things you might try are factoring polynomials, expanding binomials and simplifying expressions. By clicking on the title you will be directed to WolframAlpha website where you can find many examples of math, science and other subjects.